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In the mailing, I tell you what it means to use BPMN correctly , how to manage processes, what it means to implement BPMS, and what it is to your business or employer.

You will learn

  • Create understandable business process diagrams.
  • Understand the schemes from the Internet and from analysts.
  • Simulate processes in BPMN to automate them in BPMS.
  • To think processes and to benefit from it for business.

One letter per week

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The newsletter consists of three parts:

  • Basic BPMN: Ready 10 out of 10 letters, first letter tomorrow.
  • Advanced BPMN: Ready 3 out of 10 letters, start mailing in autumn 2018.
  • BPMN for Developers and professionals: Ready 2 out of 10 letters, start sending in winter 2018.

Additional letters on the topic not more often than twice a month.



I am Denis Kotov, designing the processes in Tinkoff. Translated the Knowledge Base ABPMP Cbok and the glossary of BPMN into Russian. I write on a blog about BPM and technologies around.

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